What Our Pigs Eat and Why

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December 11, 2019

More so than any other farm animal, a pig is what it eats. And most pigs are fed the wrong stuff! Industrially produced pork is bland and flaccid because those pigs are fed corn and soybeans. Farmers have known for centuries that this produces pale, characterless meat and soggy, flavorless fat.

Take a close look at bacon you buy in a store, and you’ll see what we mean. The meat is pale and limp, and the fat is wet and soft. Why do industrial farms use corn and soy if it produces such inferior pork? Because it's cheap!

Genetically modified corn and soy are easy and cheap to grow, and industrial farms produce billions of tons each year. Virtually all conventional pork comes from hogs that are fed a diet of genetically modified corn and soy, exclusively.

But it’s not what’s best for the animals, and it’s not what’s best for you as a consumer.
If you care about what you eat, buy from a farmer who raises his or her pigs the way nature intended! Our pigs roam freely between pastures and feeders, choosing their own diverse diets, ideal both for their own welfare, and for producing real top-quality meat.

Each week our pigs move to a new pasture sown in “cocktails” of grasses, legumes, and forbs (these are non-grass and non-legume broadleaf plants, such as turnips, kale, dock, amaranth, and morning glory). Thanks to this constant rotation, our pasturelands are teeming with the plants, roots, grubs, and worms they love to “root out.”

We grind and mix our own feed, with no genetically modified grains, and NO corn or soy. Our research shows that the best tasting pork comes from freely pastured hogs supplemented with healthy barley, sorghum, and peas, so that is what we feed, and the pigs love it and thrive!

Our approach costs more, and it’s a lot more work, but the result is worth it. A local chef compared ours to conventional pork and agrees. Visit our website, order online, and decide for yourself!

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