Can I order online?

Yes!  Ordering from our ONLINE STORE is the quickest and easiest way to purchase!  (We do need time to receive, process, pack, and transport the order, so make sure you order by MIDNIGHT on FRIDAYS.)

Can I purchase directly from the farm?

Yes!  Our nonprofit sister organization, Lick Skillet Collective, keeps an on-farm stand at 800 Lick Skillet Lane, open daily, with rotating stock.  Inventory changes every week, so if you need something specific, you’ll need to order online.  Visit the Lick Skillet Collective website to learn about other on-farm activities.

How do I get my order?

Most folks choose HOME DELIVERY (usually Tuesdays); orders must be at least $100.  Shipping is $2.45/lb, but If your order totals at least $300, we pay your shipping costs.  You can also pick up at our Farm Stand at 800 Lick Skillet Lane, Tuesdays after 2 pm;  Farm Stand pickups require a $75 order minimum, and a ten-dollar handling fee for any order totalling less than $100. Both pickup and delivery orders require a deadline of MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY.  

Can I subscribe?

Yes!  Subscribers get a 6% discount on most products and are first in line for those favorite items that disappear quickly!  When you place an order, simply choose either “one-time” or “recurring.”  You will select order frequency, and the computer will duplicate your order on the schedule you’ve chosen; you can skip an order, add or remove items, or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Can I buy a half beef?

Our “Harvest Hits” bundle boxes (1/8 beef, ¼ pork, ½ lamb) are usually available year-round, and you can order 4 at a time (so, equivalent to a half beef), with an increased discount each time you add one more.  NOTE:  we cannot ship these — you'll have to pick up at the farm.

How much freezer space do I need?

One half beef, after processing and packaging, is around 180 pounds, and will use about 24 cubic feet (a cubic foot is like a milk crate).

Can I customize the different cuts in a box?

No, we work hard to keep boxes consistent, which allows us to offer you a discounted price.  A processed animal will offer approximately 50% ground/25% roasts/25% steaks, and we don’t include bones, fat, or organ meats. You’d need to make a regular ONLINE ORDER for any specific/particular items.