What Our Customers Have To Say!

Delicious food and great people!
Dan (Knoxville, TN)
The New York Strip steaks were outstanding. Tender but flavorful and firm, they grilled up very nicely and tasted great. Our guests bragged on them and asked where they were from -- we told them we were shocked they weren't already sourcing their fine meats from a trusted local source, Lick Skillet Farm.
LickSkillet Farm is my go to place for local beef.Ive been a happy customer and will continue to be we all need to support our farmers.Thank you and God bless LickSkilletFarm 
The first time I tried a skirt steak from Lick Skillet Farm I was floored. The flavor is deeper. The texture is way different and better than any other meat I've had. I remember thinking "If this is what meat is supposed to taste like, what have I been eating all these years?"
My experience with Lickskillet has been fantastic. The service and packaging is absolutely top notch. Add what for me is the most important part which is proper animal husbandry. I have spent time with them on multiple occasions, I do this with all my product venders, and I can tell you they love their animals and the land. Now from a chefs point of view, quality animals and quality of life produce fantastic product. The beef is full flavored and exactly what you need for perfect dishes. The pork is absolutely fantastic amazing quality. The hard sausage will leave you wanting more and more. Now for the people, they are the best really. You will be hard pressed to find all the layers it takes to make quality meat in a humane way and with quality service.. Lickskillet pulls it off without sweat.
Every time we order something new from Lick Skillet Farms, we are pleasantly surprised all over again. From the thickness of the pork chops, to the freshness of the sausage, we can’t get enough! Likewise, we are always extremely satisfied with how well the meat is packaged! It’s a no-brainer; we highly recommend ordering from Lick Skillet, and we are constantly telling our closest friends and family about the quality of the meat we’ve received.
Matt & Samantha
I messaged the farm’s Facebook page and they made an exception for me. Their excellent customer service meant a lot to my little family!
This sausage is amazing. The most flavorful and leanest breakfast sausages that I have ever tasted.
Everything I've tried so far from the father's day box has been wonderful! It is amazing to be able to get this quality of meat delivered to my door. I've especially enjoyed the ribs, and I LOVE that they're packaged in smaller amounts - it makes it so easy to cook ribs for only one or two people. And the salami was some of the best I've ever had. I will definitely be placing another order from y'all once I work through the last few treats from this box. Thank you so much for the great work you are doing on our earth and in our community!
Dear Lickskillet Farm, You guys are hands down the most stand up farm I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with. I encountered a problem on my first order (of course right). Without batting an eye I was not only refunded my full purchase amount including tax but was also rushed replacement product! That my friends is a farm family with heart and pride and integrity! Much love and respect, Mark Retired combat vet Seabee of 27 years
I discovered Lick Skillet Farm at the downtown Knoxville farmer's market.  There were several other vendors selling meat, but who can resist the name "Lick Skillet?"  I wasn't disappointed.  Best pork sausage I've ever had.  When the farm moved online, I followed.  I've made one trip to pick up an order because I wanted to see the place and meet the farmers (and some of the animals).  Great experience.  I'll go again, or perhaps I'll be lazy and try a delivery.
I LOVE Lick Skillet Farm. I have actually posted a review on your facebook page as well. here is my testemonial: I fell in love with Lick Skillet Farm after purchasing their Sausage at the Farmers market (I loved the fact that it was sugar free AND the best tasting sausage I ever had. Really). I would head out to the farmers market JUST so I could find their sausage for breakfast. Once they moved online, I started purchasing from their website and fell in love with other products - their beef is just fantastic. I loved the product and the company so much that I decided to attend one of their farm events, where we made cider, toured the farm and had a fantastic dinner. My son was even able to bottle feed a calf! I learned so much about sustainable farming and how they maintain their pastures and soil, and the work they put in to make their farming practices clean and natural. I buy my meat from there whenever possible - during the peak of the pandemic I was able to buy a great box of mixed cuts and a leg of lamb for easter, which was a life saver when all the grocery store had was pigs ears!!! I highly recommend Lick Skillet - for family meals or a special dinner - I will be a customer for life!
Our family loves Lick Skillet Farm! Knowing that what's on our table comes from a great family-run farm just up the road means a lot. The quality is superb and the taste is always fresh!
I had been searching for a good source of meat, especially pork and lamb, for about two years until I found Lick Skillet Farm at the Market Square Farmers Market in downtown Knoxville. I don't eat meat very frequently, but when I do, I like to carefully select animals that have been taken good care of in a happy, clean environment. It feels like a privilege to support LSF with my dollar; I am so thankful for all their hard work to produce such a quality product. Even more, in all my interactions with the LSF team, I have been shown such kindness. They have the character behind their mission of seeing the community united in health and home. I also thoroughly appreciate their vision of educating the community about the impact of their farming methods as well as their openness in inviting people into their world, from farm dinners to blog posts. A big thank you to the whole team from our family to yours!
The products from Lick Skillet farms are high quality! We love being able to get farm fresh eggs, pork, and beef!
I was very pleased with Lick Skillet Farm! The online ordering process was easy. We chose to drive out and pick up our order and it was a beautiful drive! The pick up process was easy and efficient. Although we have not eaten everything yet, the things that we have were delicious! I will definitely be ordering again soon! There was a slight discrepancy with my order and the owner was very apologetic and took care of it immediately. Great customer service!! I look forward to trying some of the things we have not gotten to yet!