Subscribe and Save!

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1) Simply select an item to order, and the (fully customizable) subscription option will appear at bottom of your CART. 

2) Choose how frequently you'd like to order in future, then you're all set!

Tired of trips to the grocery store?

We've heard from our customers that they value saving time and money, and just want convenient access to our products.

That's why we've launched our new Subscription Feature!

How Our Subscriptions Work:

Custom MEATS: You get to choose exactly what products you want - so your order and pricing is tailored to your needs

Custom SCHEDULE: You may choose from a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly schedule

Ultimate CONVENIENCE: We have several pickup locations throughout the Knoxville area, as well as home delivery on Thursdays. Check out our Pickup Locations for more info.

Pause or Cancel at Any Time: No pre-commitment is required to start a subscription, and you can pause or cancel whenever you want.

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How does it work?

  1. Our Subscribe and Save feature is very simple. Simply add items to your cart, go to check out, and when prompted, select the subscription options you'd like.
  2. Once you've subscribed, you will get SMS reminders each month letting you know when your window to adjust the order is closing, and also reminding you of your delivery or pickup.
  3. All of your subscription details will be available within your account profile. From there you can change your orders, reschedule, or pause or cancel.

What savings do I receive by subscribing?

All subscribers receive a 6% discount on all subscription orders. Add to this the effective 9% discount you get from buying from a local TN farm (no sales tax) and you've effectively got a 15% discount!

Can I adjust my Subscription?

Yes! You can change, pause or cancel at any time. As long as you make those changes before the order deadline, you won't be charged anything.

What if you are out of an item?

As a small business, our inventory fluctuates, and is highly subject to processors' schedules. We will include everything that we can from your order. We may substitute a different size such as using large or small pork chops instead of mediums. (In such cases, you are always charged by the weight, so you are never paying for meat you did not get.) We run out of steaks, organ meats, and other specialty or seasonal cuts more frequently than staples and ground product. So, if you want to have a more reliably consistent box, we recommend using more staples and less premium items.

What if the item I want is not offered as a subscription?

Some items, when added to your cart, will not give you an option for subscribing. This is because we have determined we cannot provide that item consistently enough to warrant a subscription.

Interested in enrolling in our Subscribe and Save Program?

Head on over to our Store, choose your favorite items, and see how easy it is to Subscribe and Save!