Subscribe and Save!

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1) Simply select an item to order, and the (fully customizable) subscription option will appear at bottom of your CART. 

2) Choose weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or every 8 weeks, then you're all set!

3) Subscription orders receive a 6% discount, and first dibs on popular items that sell out quickly. 

4) Cancel your subscription at any time.  

5) You'll receive an automatic email reminding you to check your upcoming order each time, and you can skip it, add or remove items, or leave it as is.  

6) DO REMEMBER TO CHECK your upcoming order, because if something is out of stock you may need to add a replacement to reach the order minimum ($75 for UPS orders, $50 for Farm Stand pickups).

7) Further questions?  use the CONTACT FORM!

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Interested in enrolling in our Subscribe and Save Program?

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