20+ generations of cattle on the same farm
100% grass-fed and grass-finished; never fed grain
Grass-finished to a very high level of marbling and tenderness
No confinement; humane slaughter
Dry-aged at least 14 days under USDA inspection
Regenerative grazing practices sequester carbon and support biodiversity
No GMOs, no antibiotics in feed, no growth hormones
No binders, sugars, fillers, or MSG added to ground beef

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Heritage breeds
No farrowing cages or confinement; open pasture
Corn- and soy- free
Humane slaughter / processing under USDA inspection
No growth hormones, no GMOs, no antibiotics in feed
No MSG, nitrates, fillers, or binders added to sausages
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No confinement / only open pasture
Humane care – no debeaking, clipped wings, or artificial light
Non-GMO grains we grind ourselves; no corn or soy
Supplemented with oyster shell, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes
No GMOs, growth hormones, or antibiotics in feed

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