Do you sell raw milk?

Our cattle are beef cattle, rather than dairy cattle, so we do not offer milk.  Check out Tennesseans for Raw Milk, Pick Tennessee Products, or the Real Milk Campaign.

Do you have bones to make broth?

Yes! We currently have Soup Bones and Marrow Bones, and you may find a Chicken Soup Kit on the website when available.

Organ Meats: do you have  beef heart/chicken feet/pork liver/lamb kidney/etc?

We sell Beef Liver, Chicken Liver, and Chicken Feet regularly;  most others are not often available, but do sometimes appear in the online store, when in stock.  If not, you can request by using the CONTACT FORM, and we’ll let you know when we get them into inventory.

Do you carry pork fat, or suet (beef fat)?

Beef suet is rendered for tallow and used both for cooking and for soap and other skin products as well.  Folks render our pork fat for lard.  We’ve had both in past and may again in future, but these are not currently available.  Use the CONTACT FORM to request.

Can I buy bones for my dogs?

We don’t sell bones specifically for your dogs, though several folks buy our Soup Bones, or (more expensive) beef Marrow Bones for this purpose.  Again, you can request dog bones using the CONTACT FORM.

Do you sell raw honey?

We have learned from research that honeybees are not native to our continent, and are severely compromising our native pollinator populations, competing for habitat and resources and spreading disease.  Because our little native guys need all the help they can get, we don’t work to support the nonnative (honey) bees.   To support further research, we do have someone who keeps a few hives on our farm, and you can contact him at "Uncle Ronn's" to purchase honey.

Can I buy a whole pig to roast?

We have sold whole pigs for roasting in the past.  However, we don’t slaughter our animals when young, so you’ll likely be getting a larger meal than you might prefer.  Use the CONTACT FORM to learn more about this.

Do you sell  beef tenderloin/crown roast/rack of lamb/pork coppa/beef cheeks/trotters/etc.?

Many such items, for instance, a crown roast, that are humanely raised and properly finished entirely on forage, can be so expensive that we find most folks don’t choose them, so we don’t regularly request them from our processors.  First, look in the online store to see if your specialty cut is available, and if not, you can request it using the CONTACT FORM.  We may or may not be able to get it for you.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yep!  Go to our ONLINE STORE and you’ll see a SEARCH field on the right in the grey menu bar.  Type in “Gift” and you’ll see we offer six choices, from $25 up to $250.

Does your sausage/ham/etc  contain  sugar/nitrates/etc?

We would prefer not to have any sugar, but processors have their own recipes.  We do have them create some no-sugar options, and those are listed as such.  Our processors have said they do not use nitrates, but we do not have specific lists of ingredients.  If you have allergies, you might want to avoid these just in case.

Do you sell eggs/where can i buy them?

Yes!  Eggs can be seasonal, as weather, day length, and the ages of our girls all affect their schedules.  However, the Farm Stand inventory changes daily and sometimes eggs sell out (and we may not realize it in time to restock before you arrive!).  We usually have eggs at Three Rivers Market, Pratt's Country Store, Butler and Bailey, Farm South, Knox Farms2Families, and Amburn's Market.