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Harvest Shares

It's late in the season, and we'll soon be wrapping up the Harvest Shares program for 2022. If you reserved a share, you'll be hearing from us soon! If you haven't, reservations are still open, but act soon, or you'll be reserving for fall of 2023. CLICK ON THE IMAGES for more info on each item.

"NO PRODUCTS FOUND"? Try changing your delivery preference to "RESERVE YOUR SHARE."

$67.20 savings
$336.00 $268.80

Pork Share Reservation, QUARTER

Approximately 30 lbs in One box
$102.00 savings
$340.00 $238.00

Beef Share Reservation, EIGHTH

Approximately 45 lbs In one box.
$140.40 savings
$540.00 $399.60
$174.72 savings
$672.00 $497.28

Pork Share Reservation, HALF

Approximately 60 lbs in Two 30-lb boxes
$238.00 savings
$680.00 $442.00

Beef Share Reservation, QUARTER

Approximately 90 lbs In Two 45lb boxes
$302.40 savings
$1,080.00 $777.60

Pork Share Reservation, WHOLE

120 lbs in Four 30-lb boxes
$544.00 savings
$1,360.00 $816.00

Beef Share Reservation, HALF

180 lbs in Four 45-lb Boxes
$669.60 savings
$2,160.00 $1,490.40

Beef Share Reservation, WHOLE

Approximately 360 lbs in Eight 45-lb Boxes
$1,382.40 savings
$4,320.00 $2,937.60