We are now providing next month fulfillment on our Perennial Shares (think "Samplers") ALL YEAR LONG! This means they'll occasionally run out of stock, but be back soon. If you want to save up and get the big discounts in fall, reserve a '23 Harvest Share! The more you reserve, the bigger the discount, and you won't be charged till your order is processed in the fall. Listed below are price estimates based on last years production costs. Stay tuned for this years Harvest Discounts to be released! CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO LEARN SPECIFICS.

Eighth Beef Share

Approximately 45 lbs In one box.
$28.00 savings
$540.00 $512.00

Quarter Pork Share

Approximately 30 lbs in One box
$34.00 savings
$340.00 $306.00

Half Lamb Share

Approx 24 lbs
$51.00 savings
$336.00 $285.00

Quarter Beef Reservation

Approximately 90 lbs In Two 45lb boxes
$108.00 savings
$1,080.00 $972.00

Half Pork Reservation

Approximately 60 lbs in Two 30-lb boxes
$102.00 savings
$680.00 $578.00

Whole Lamb Reservation

Approx 48 lbs
$135.00 savings
$672.00 $537.00

Whole Pork Reservation

120 lbs in Four 30-lb boxes
$272.00 savings
$1,360.00 $1,088.00

Half Beef Reservation

180 lbs in Four 45-lb Boxes
$324.00 savings
$2,160.00 $1,836.00

Whole Beef Reservation

Approximately 360 lbs in Eight 45-lb Boxes
$864.00 savings
$4,320.00 $3,456.00