Ultra Burger 10 Pack

Ultra Burger 10 Pack

Ten 1/3 lb patties
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We set out to make the best grilling hamburger possible, and ended here with what we call the Ultra Burger. The meat we grind for these burgers comes from beef shoulders and pork shoulders, the most moist and richly flavored muscle groups. Our blend is formulated specifically for grilling because we think grilling makes the best burgers. When grilled at high heat (400-500° is ideal), these burgers will flame up and form a nice charred surface for a crunchy outside texture, while remaining incredibly juicy inside. The patties are pressed out full bun size so they are thinner than you may be used to - do not overcook. Our efforts paid off - this is our most popular product at farmers' markets and our customers regularly tell us this is the best burger they have ever tasted! If you are serious about grilling burgers, go Ultra!!!

Ingredients  (10  1/3-lb  patties)
80% ground beef chuck; 20% ground pork shoulder; No MSG, preservatives, or binders.


100% grass-finished beef. Nothing else.