Beef Salami, Links

Beef Salami, Links

All Beef Salami, Individually Wrapped Links (Typically 0.4-0.6 lb )
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Our 100% grass-finished beef salami is a crowd favorite served as a snack, on a charcuterie tray, or even as a sandwich.  We grind it from the shoulders and roasts of our grass-finished beef and add classic spices.  White powder on the outside of the rind is a healthy mold we use to preserve and flavor the sausage, and these fermented and dried sausages are shelf stable.  

Customers love the traditional European look and flavor of this salami with its moderate "twang."  We sell our beef salami in two sizes: half-pound individually wrapped links, or large, restaurant-style 4-lb chubs suitable for slicing for sandwiches.


No fillers, binders, or MSG. Just 100% grass-finished beef.