Pork Spare Ribs, Small

Pork Spare Ribs, Small

Sections of Whole Rack (Typically .5-1.25 lbs)
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Is there an eating pleasure any greater than tearing into a platter of fall-off-the-bone-tender pork ribs?  

From pastured pigs that are never fed the corn and soy used by factory farms, our ribs are not that anemic "other white meat" produced by industrial ag.  Ours seem to explode with flavor.  

We like them slow-cooked with each rack slathered in a different favorite sauce, so we can use the taste-off as an excuse to eat more!  We take our responsibility for product testing and quality control very seriously when it comes to ribs!!!

We offer this popular item in two sizes, Large and Small, so make sure you order from the right catalog listing to match your appetite!


100% pastured heritage pork.