Pork Chop, Bone In  Large

Pork Chop, Bone In Large

1 Chops Per Pack (Typically 1.0-1.6 lbs)
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Pork chops are the pork equivalent of sliced prime beef rib or a sliced rack of lamb.  In other words, pork chops are simple and common, but also rather regal.  

Tenderness in a pork chop stems from its coming from a region of lightly exercised muscles that are inherently tender.  Additionally, our chops come from heritage breeds noted for their marbling, so they're wonderfully juicy and flavorful.  The thick cut of our chops further sets them off.

Are our chops really any different from others?  A local chef was explaining to a commercial meat supplier why he insisted on buying Lick Skillet chops.  Finally, he had the supplier bring him a commercial restaurant grade chop, and cooked it alongside one of ours.  Upon this personal taste test, even the supplier admitted the difference was clear!  So yeah, raising on pasture and avoiding feeding soy or corn really makes a difference in taste.

Chops go great in hundreds of recipes, so keep a supply on hand for emergency situations.  You can find a great recipe combining them with just about anything else in your kitchen, and they are always crowd favorites. 


Pastured Pork Chops and nothing else.