New York Strip Large

New York Strip Large

Boneless New York Strip Steak (AKA Kansas City Strip, Delmonico, Ambassador Steak) Typically 12-16 oz
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This is the steak to serve at a white-tablecloth dinner — or to a discerning rancher!

This steak was made world famous by Delmonico's Restaurant in New York City, which explains a couple of its names.  The uptown New York City connection is a little ironic; this steak is also a favorite with ranchers all across cattle country — and these people know their beef.  

The popularity is based on how beautifully this steak grills, tastes, and serves on the plate.  Its heavy marbling assures flavor and tenderness, and, as a single-muscle, boneless steak, it's very simple for your diners to trim and slice on their plates.  

We sort our NY Strips into two groups (S and M) so you can match the size of your steak to the size of your appetite.


100% Grass-fed Beef and nothing else.