Lamb, Ground  and Unseasoned

Lamb, Ground and Unseasoned

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Our unseasoned ground grass-finished lamb is perfect for lots of fantastic recipes.

Meat from sheep varies tremendously by the age of the animal.  Mutton, from sheep two of more years of age, is stronger flavored and tougher, and we don’t sell mutton.  We sell lamb, which is from animals one year old or less. 

Our ground lamb is flavorful, but not “gamey,” making it perfect for lamb burgers and meatballs.  It’s also the ideal base for Moussaka, an international classic. We also add Mediterranean herbs and spices to our ground lamb and use it as an all-purpose solution for everything from country style breakfast sausage (try it — you’ll never think of breakfast sausage the same way) to gyros or kafta and tzatziki!



100% grass-finished lamb.