Free Range Eggs (1 Dozen)

Free Range Eggs (1 Dozen)

One Dozen of Brown Free Range Eggs
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We admit it:  We are obsessive about our eggs.  We are working hard to make the best egg you have ever tasted.  Our hens live free on pastures 24/7, protected by our livestock guard dogs and donkeys. They forage all day, and have unlimited access to clean water and feed we grind and blend ourselves. 

Our family recipe for chicken feed includes barley, peas, alfalfa, sunflowers, and fish meal, fortified with oyster shells, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and enzymes.  Our feed is non-GMO, and never includes antibiotics, hormones, OR soy or corn (two leading allergens).  

It may seem crazy, because our feed costs more than twice typical chicken feed, but you can't cut corners and produce quality eggs.  It takes gourmet chicken feed to produce gourmet eggs!  Break open and cook one of ours alongside a weaker, conventionally-produced, store-bought egg and see the difference!


Eggs from chickens on clean, biodiverse pastures 24/7.