Filet Mignon (Medium)

Filet Mignon (Medium)

Filet Mignon (AKA Beef Tenderloin) Typically 5-8 Oz.
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The royalty of steaks, filet mignon is the most expensive cut of beef for good reason.  

First, there is very little of it in each carcass, as the tenderloin from which it is cut is a relatively small muscle.  

Second, as you might guess, as the muscle is known as the tender loin, the filet mignon is the most tender steak you can buy.  

Third, since there is no bone and very little fat cap on the tenderloin, individual filet mignons are the perfect steaks to carve on your plate.  

And finally, the flavor of the tenderloin is mild and refined.  

For all these reasons, if you want to serve a truly regal entree, serve our 100% pastured filet mignon.  We sell it in three sizes: S, M, L


Pure forage-finished beef. Nothing else.