Our Food

We are all about your food and how we produce it for you.  Our food is:

Our livestock enjoy unlimited access to carefully created “gourmet salad bar" pastures to provide the best-tasting meat possible.  Every year, we renovate pastures with rye, barley, millet, clovers, turnips, and kale, while supporting the wild and native forbs and flowers such as curly dock, amaranth, and chicory.  Our cattle are fed and finished entirely on these pastures, having never tasted grain for 20 generations.  We finish our pigs with free choice access to these same pastures, but they also have access to non-GMO sorghum, barley and peas (not soy and corn, the typical lower-cost alternatives).  Our animals eat only the best – so friends and neighbors can enjoy the best food anywhere!

.  We do not use synthetic fertilize, hormones, GMO products, or growth stimulants.  Our cattle are 100% grass fed and finished without grain.  Our hogs are finished on pasture and non-GMO feeds, not corn and soy, the cheaper alternative used in 99%+ of pork production. It is rare, but occasionally, our animals need antibiotics, just like humans do.  In these rare cases (two animals in the past year), we feel that withholding antibiotics from these animals would be unethical.  So we treat them, tag any treated animals, and sell them into the commodity market where antibiotics are already used extensively.  If you are concerned about your health, choose Lick Skillet Farm pastured meats!

Sustainably and ethically produced.
 We reject industrial farming.  Period.  While industrial agriculture is known for its negative impact on our environment and unethical treatment of livestock, our farm practices actually protect and improve our local ecosystem and provide a healthy, stress-free life for all our animals:  

  • We practice regenerative grazing with the goal of sequestering carbon in the form of soil-enriching organic matter.  
  • We use no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and we do not broadcast herbicides.   
  • We encourage biodiversity by avoiding monocultures and protecting wildlife habitat.  
  • We respect our animals and work to ensure they have a fantastic life from beginning to end in keeping with the guidelines of the Good Meat Project.  
  • All our animals range free and are never left in confinement.  
  • We only market our food locally because feeding one's friends and neighbors is what farming should be all about.

Our family has built our farm's foundation on the core values of sustainable and ethical production.

Come visit the farm and see for yourself!